Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just finished 10 miler. 8:32 warm up mile followed by 9 miles at a 6:49 pace. Overall pace 6:59 (warm up and pace miles together). Finally feel like my speed is picking up. I must say that my mood is picking up in conjunction with this.

As an aside, my first race 12 years ago (in my early 30's) was a 10 miler that I finished at the exact same pace without a warmup. Nice to see that I am getting faster as I get older as I can now run a tempo run at my former race pace.


Melanie said...

Nice speedy run! I hope to be able to run in 12 years, and if it happens to be faster, cool!

Steven Cohen said...

Great! Wish I had speed like that. Guess you're on track for a great Boston!

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