Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Weeks to Go

I have been extremely tardy in posting lately, however, it just hasn't been happening for some reason. That said, training has been going well for the most part. Yesterday, I ran my final big long run in preparation for Boston; a twenty miler.

I must say that the run was a bit of a mixed bag. For the first 9 miles I was on the verge of quitting - I just wasn't feeling good... energy wise and mentally. If it wasn't my last big run I probably would have packed it in. Then magically, something took a turn for the better around mile 10 - suddenly, I felt strong and speedy and my splits decreased by a fair bit.

Overall, I ran 7:24 / mile for the 20 miles with a huge negative split. There is a lesson to be learned there... starting slow is a strategy I need to employ in Boston. After the slow start, I actually ended up running an overall pace that was only 2 seconds per mile off of my PR for the marathon. I may be struck down for even thinking this, but I feel like I am now ready. Time to taper and let the chips fall where they may.

The 3 - 4 of you that regularly follow this blog, by the way thanks, may recall me making mention of racing Boston against a childhood friend. Truth be told, this is not the death match I have been building it up to be. Nothing would make me happier than for both of us to PR... even if that means he destroys me. Essentially, the occasional verbal jabs have been more about attempting to get the best out of both of us... that little bit of extra push that sometimes we all need. That said, if we were to both PR and I nudged him out, I wouldn't mind having the bragging rights ;-)


Melanie said...

The next 3 weeks will fly by! Having a bit of friendly competition is a great motivation -- here's to hoping you both PR! :)

Steven Cohen said...

That's awesome! Great training, through rotten conditions, and now you're on the taper. I hope all goes well. It's only 33 miles away, and yet I can't be there, because that's my graduate school oral exam day, but I'll be there in spirit!

Sonia said...

I just saw 18 days until marathon day! yippee!!!

BTW you can just start and say its ok for your opponent to win so close to the fight!! Start your trashtalk!! ;-)

prashant said...

friendly competition is a great motivation
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